We define ourselves as a unique team, capable of blending our academic background with a global business mindset to bring the highest standard of quality and operational excellence into clinical research for Latin America.

We provide our CRO Services with offices in:





Chile (to be opened Q4 2017)

Peru (to be opened Q4 2017)

Cohortias is a joint venture between Julius Clinical and Zumanis. We have a proven track record conducting several large studies over the past 7 years.



adds value
to your business

Academic leadership and a broad network of sites in several therapeutic areas

- Peer-to-peer management of our sites ensure high recruitment and retention.

High speed Execution

- We offer the quickest start-up times in each country
- Site selection
- Site contracting

Operational Excellence

- Above average performance standards (metrics)
- Top tier query resolution

Business acuity and flexibility

- Ad-hoc administrative support
- Offering innovative pricing models
- Short lines of communication
- Capacity for fast adaptation


We operate in a people’s business where personal contact and good communication make a huge difference. From finding sites, helping in the recruitment process or resolving queries, they exploit such interpersonal skills as the basis for our success. We are very proud to present our team.

Cohortias is
Clinical Research
in Latin America

by combining our academic roots with our experience, and a large base of patients through an extensive network of sites and a strong commitment to deliver high quality data.